Womens Christmas Luncheon

IMG_2308.jpg IMG_2331.jpgIMG_2333.jpg  IMG_2344.jpg


Leather pants (TjMaxx) Shoes(Ross) Knitted Top (tjmaxx) Bracelet and ring (Forever21 )

The women’s Christmas luncheon was WONDERFUL! Sweet time with Family, friends and fellowship!

My Momma and I helped set up all the glittery goodness that filled the Christmas hall. We got their at 9:45 and didn’t leave until close to 4. I came back to cut my sister in-laws hair and now I’m wiped! What a long day. I sit here now relaxing on the couch in my pj’s with Momma, a lit up Christmas tree and feeling surrounded with love. I couldn’t ask for more. I’m already feeling nostalgic about last nights, impromptu girls get together to watch Taylor swift Speak now concert while eating popcorn and chocolate and giggling until our tummies hurt . My time in Orange county has been a very sweet treat. I hit the road tomorrow. Back to the central coast<3

God Bless!


    • Thank you! I just got the shirt and love it! especially when your going somewhere with lots of food, its nice to have a flowy shirt. hehe

  1. Kit-Kat said:

    There’s nothing more theraputic than sitting infront of a lit christmas tree in the evening, or even on a frost-covered morning! It must be the soft glow of the lights and the smell of pine needles that do it for me. I can’t wait till we get our tree (which will be next week…. we like to get our tree late so it can stay up past Epiphany).
    Haha, what girl does not like Taylor Swift? She’s such a good health role-model, since she is not a radical dieter, and exercises by running for at least an hour (not over-compulsive like most actresses and stars). I love her Speak Now album, but I have yet to see her DVD performance! I’ve only viewed clips on YouTube and at Target on the screens.

  2. Oh Katie you have to buy her speak now concert! I wonder if you could rent it? If you buy it you will love it:)

    • Kit-Kat said:

      I know I would love it! I’ll have to check and see if the library around here has it, or if I could try to request an inter-library loan. If not, I WILL purchase it as an early Christmas gift to me 😉

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