Leopard and Stripes




Jacket (Ross) Scarf (thrifted) Pants (Forever21 ) Converse shoes (shiekhshoes ) shoe store Converse are on sale right now:)

I really love mixing and matching colors and pieces. I’ve never been matchy matchy. My Mom always told me in high school she wanted to take pictures of my outfits daily so I could look back and laugh! Thanks Mom….

I’ll be heading down to Orange County after work to meet my brand new niece and to take pictures of her. It makes me smile just thinking about it. I also can’t wait to get together with all the girls in my family to go to our church’s women’s Christmas Lunch-in. Did I mention my family is big? ya I thought so. There will be a lot of us girls there. Can’t wait!

Oh, and heaven knows I need a highlight! That’s on the list too! Happy Friday!

See you in The Oc<3

any of you have plans for this weekend?


  1. Ah, to a new niece!! I’m going to have one of those in about 4 and a half months!!! I bet you’re one cool auntie!

  2. Kit-Kat said:

    My grandmommy and grandaddy (my mom’s parents) live in Westminster, in Orange County. Lovely place! 🙂
    You NEED a highlight? You should think about splurging and going to the Blue Baiu restaurant in Disneyland (great eats there). I know I know, Disneyland is probably just an old idea, but hey, I would give ANYTHING to go there again (and hire myself there for a first job as either an ice cream/baker/treat girl or an animal care-taker/horse wrangler.
    Great outfit! I love leopard prints (haha, never would I wear a real skin, but I love fake fur and just plain prints). My mom hates it, so I can’t wear it often enough. One day I’ll have more in my wardrobe! 🙂
    Do you like tiger-stripe prints, and zebra, other than just plain bold stipes?

    • Katie, I just realized I’ve never got your real name! and I feel like I know you! but I think its Katie, correct if I’m wrong. I love the Blue Baiu! Used to go there all the time growing up because we had Disney passes. My brother proposed to his wife there and my sister in-law was cruella deville at Disneyland:) It never gets old:)
      and I’ll wear any kind of stripe as long as I think it’s cute.

      • Kit-Kat said:

        Yes it is Katie, and omigosh, that is totally awesome about all the Disneyland things! WOW!!!

  3. Hi Marian! Love your blog, it’s really unique and refreshing. I love your photos, too!!!

    • oh Carrie! thank you! That really means a lot<3 Have a very blessed weekend:)

  4. Love your outfit!

    How exciting that you have a new niece!!! And a church lunch-in? What a great weekend!

    Have a great Sunday!

    • Anna thank you!!! Yes new niece, church lunch-in, family and Orange county. I’m a happy girl:)

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