Thrifty thrifty





Thrifty thrifty

Boy and girl go thrift store shopping. Girl wants to buy every single thing she sees for her nest, boy repeatedly explains to girl the difference between real wood and fake wood. Girl explains this is cheap, and well hideous , but we could buy it and sand it down, then paint it. Boy explains again, it’s not real wood you can’t do that. Girl finally understands and decides on a purse and frame for taking pictures. Wow, boy knows so much. So glad I married him<3 Or else I would be stuck with hideous unchangeable fake wooded furniture.

I love you all too! Happy Thursday.



  1. Kit-Kat said:

    So funny!
    I love to go thrift store shopping with my family! It’s so common to just buy things because they look cute, or you think that you’re going to use them. My youngest sister (age 14) is an impulse buyer, and after she buys something (or after she recieves something, for that matter) the thing is dormant after two weeks. Clothes for her, however, are a different matter.
    Thrift stores in general are just a blast to sort through, even if you don’t buy anything!

    • I agree! Thrift stores are just so fun to stroll through. IT becoming a hobby of mine:)

      • Kit-Kat said:

        Hobby here, too! 🙂 Especially during upcoming holidays (like Christmas!)

  2. Hehehe lovee it 🙂 I want to go thrifting! It sounds like so much fun. I’d probably buy so many things I think I need but I don’t actually.

  3. Thrifting is such a blast! and a good laugh! Some things I just don’t know what to even think!
    and I do buy things I don’t need. Oops. At least its uber cheap.

    • aw Neris, we do gotta love our men huh? Their just the best!:0

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