Muffins, dessert for breakfast, at least in my book



Muffins!!! Who doesn’t love these puffy clouds on your tongue?!

You don’t? oh, well come again tomorrow for my thrifting experience.

When I was a young girl, (ahem, High school) I would eat the poppyseed muffins my Mom would buy from the costco pack to take with us to the river every weekend. And EVERY weekend the same scenario played out. I would cut the muffin in half in hopes it would help my portion control. No such LUCK my friends! Once on my lips I just had to eat all of it! IT was all mine! muhahahaha. Oh sorry…. Anyway, Tummy ache would ensue, and once the poppy seed muffins were all gone it was onto to the chocolate muffins. Chocolate has always been a second choice in life. (the horror)

So I leave you with simply beautiful moist moist moist (hopefully you don’t hate that word) vegan blueberry muffins. They can be gluten free too. See note below

Yields 8


1 1/2 Cup Flour

1/2 Cup Sugar

2 tsp Baking Powder

1tsp salt

3/4 Cup Milk

1/4 Cup Oil

1 Cup frozen blueberries (or fresh)

Mix dry ingredients, Then add wet ingredients and fold in frozen blueberries

spray muffin pan with olive oil, or use cupcake liners and pour muffin batter into pan

Bake at 375 degrees 25-30 minutes. Poke toothpick through center to make sure they are fully done.

These really are soo MOIST!

Gluten free note. if you want it GF simply replace flour with GF flour and use 1 tsp baking powder and add 1 tsp xanthun gum.

I’ve never tried them gluten free so this is simply a guess, but I think it will work:) IF you try it let me know!


and check out (Katie’s) blog for an awesome Luna bar give away! Don’t miss out ya hear?! 🙂

  1. Kit-Kat said:

    Oh, wow!
    I can honestly say I am a big, moist, muffin fan girl (I don’t like my muffins bitty, or dry. No thanks!).
    After church on sundays when I was little (up till High school, when I became a more healthfull person), my dad would treat me and my sisters (brother was a baby) to our Haggen grocery store to each pick out two donuts. This lasted for a while, untill I tried two of their muffins instead. I was sold. I went on a muffin kick after that. The moistness and flavor still lingers in my mouth, and I cannot seem to replicate the tenderness of crumb in my baking, unfortunately. 😦
    I have not yet had Costco’s variety (haha, naughty me!) but now I trust that I won’t have to, with your recipe up and running!!! I’m off to the oven!

  2. Your little story had me giggle! We used to get donuts after church on sunday and I would get 6 yes 6! glazed donuts! Thats a story for another day( blushing)
    Anyway, hope you like them once you try them!

    • Kit-Kat said:

      Turned out AWESOME!!!
      Oh yum, it sent me back to those days I talked about (really, not THAT long ago).
      6 donuts? Nothing to be ashamed over! One time me and two of my other sisters raided TWO boxes of donuts (one chocolate and the other powdered) during my little baby brother’s Baptism practice for the parents. The kids were left to play in the host’s living room while the parents went downstairs in the basement to watch the practice video, so me, my older and first youngest sister (my youngest sister was with my parents and baby brother) were left with the snack table. The two donut boxes were so tempting, and were devoured before the adults came up after watching the video! Me and my two sisters were not hungry for dinner, I remember, and I had quite a bit of a tummy ache later that evening, but it was so good! I remember I had six chocolate donuts and three powdered (9 out of 24 total!) Bitter sweet! 🙂 😦

      • That’s a great story. I think we can all relate to something similar to that. Sometimes even now I spoil my appetite for dinner with dessert. Oops:)

  3. These muffins look delicious! I may have to try the GF version. I used to do the same thing.. End up eating an entire GIANT muffin after deciding I’d only eat a quarter of it for portion control. FAT CHANCE. The entire cocoa-mocha-kitchensink-chip muffin would be gone in 5 sec flat. I make my own small, healthier muffins now. 🙂 Also, lovely blog!

    • Thanks girl! You will have to share some of your GF muffin recipes! I would love that!:)

  4. Alexiasana said:

    great muffins! these make me crave blueberries so much!! unfortunately i can only buy very bad quality ones in the super market right now.. will have to substitue with some other fruit i guess

    • Oh yes other fruit would work too! But the recipe works really well with frozen fruit so either way you almost can’t go wrong:)

  5. Ooooooommmggg. Are we the same person?! I ALWAYS do that with those humongous costco muffins and then think afterwards “why did I eat that entire thing, plus the tops of 4 others?!” My favorite is the apple streusel one btw….haha. Soo bad. But homemade muffins are SO much better (and healthier!) anyways!

    • we are the same person! Have you ever seen the seinfeld where they want to start a muffin tops only business? IF you haven’t it’s hilarious! you would appreciate it.I too love muffin tops. We just need to go to muffins anonymous:)

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