Fish Tail perfectly imperfect


IMG_1880.jpg IMG_1910.jpg IMG_1947.jpgIMG_1959.jpg IMG_1966.jpg

I had a blast with my camera settings today, and changing the colors all around for this Fish tail shoot, although the fishtail was much easier.

Fish tail braids are easy and fun! I love the look of undone hair/ styles.

Wrap hair around ponytail and secure with bobby pins

Section in two, taking little pieces of hair from outside bring to other side and so on:)

Add cute hair piece

Here’s a (Link) to a more in depth step by step if need be<3

The hubs always loves when I do braids. Not sure why, but whatever makes him happy, and these sure do. I have a fun recipe for you tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Keep being true to yourselves because beauty comes in all styles.


  1. i love fishtail braids. whenever i wear them to my office, i get so many compliments. i think that most people think they’re much harder than they actually are! i love the headband 🙂

    • Thanks Caitlin your so sweet:)
      And fishtail braids are so easy yet I get the same reaction.”how do you do that?!” hehe

  2. ashley said:

    This is so awesome! I can’t wait for my hair to grow out again so I can actually do something with it, style-wise!

    • Ashley! thanks! I was actually thinking it would be cool to have girls send me pictures or what they do with their shorter hair and I could do a post on that:) I think hair is beautiful at all lengths.

  3. Kit-Kat said:

    I have to try this hairstyle, either on myself or one of my sisters!
    It looks so casual, yet so beautiful. I can see why guys would go crazy over this.
    It looks especially pretty on you! 😉

    • You should! And then send a picture! only if you wanted to of course. I was thinking it would be fun to have everyone who wanted to send me pictures of themselves with this style or what they do with their hair even if it’s short, because I Love to celebrate all kinds of different beauty, hairstyles and lengths:)

      • Kit-Kat said:

        Hmmm, we’ll see! 🙂
        Hey, that would be a really great idea, if you had a styling section of your blog. You could show and give instructions on how to do styles, and then for the comments page, people could send in how the styles look on themselves!

      • Oh yes, that could be fun! I’ll see what I can do:)

    • Anna thank you<3
      Braids are awesome! I learned how to do a knot braid in school but I can't seem to fully remember how to do that one. hmmm I should re look that up:)

  4. Alexiasana said:

    wow, i love your hair! i wished mine was long enough to do nice fish tails and braid them.

    • yes, but I bet you can do stuff with your hair that us long haired girls can’t:)

  5. cute hair! I think it looked cute even before you braided it. I like both ways :]

    • Aw thank you! yes, sometimes I just leave it the way it is before I braid it:)

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