Sometimes, I get so into cooking and baking it’s as if the whole world has shut itself out and messes and explosions in my kitchen mean nothing more then tasty creations ahead. I feel as though my pleasure in cooking and baking is similar to a mad scientist, or bird watcher, or an Olympic athlete getting pleasure from what he/she loves. Or at least pretty close. When Baking. This girl feels at home.


Thank you for giving me a love for all things cooking.

Girl (me) didn’t realize that every family didn’t have a mom who made a special home cooked meal hot and ready to eat every night .

Or a Mom that cheered on her kids at every single sport event.

A mom that put Christ, her Husband and children before herself.

A mom that knew how to let her kids be adventurous with their imaginations, and to laugh at just about all situations in life.

A Mom that let children help in the kitchen even when that meant more work for her.

A Mom that when told her husband has tragically died not once gave up, and was strong in the Lord and strong for her children.

and a Mom that has kept the faith and run with endurance beautifully in this life.

Mom, I guess you gave me a lot more then just a love to cook, and for that I’m forever grateful!

Mom AKA “Chomps” I LOVE you more then words could every express.

Love ME (girl)

  1. Chelsa said:

    Adorable apron! Thank you for checking out my blog. Yours is really cute too 🙂

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