I dream of Indian

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Shoes bought shall I say.. Many moons ago at (target) Pants (random store on State street in S.B) Top (walmart) Bracelet (forever21) Ring (PinkyWear) Earings (a friend)

Did you ever watch the show ” I dream of Jeannie?” I did, I remember those childhood cozy summer nights when I would flick on the bubetube after a long day of swimming and softball practice to see what “Nick at night” had in it’s arsenal of shows for the night. Who could forget, Bewitched, The Gong Show, Who’s line is it anyway, Brady Bunch, I love Lucy (I’ve embarrassingly seen every episode at least twice) I Dream of Jeannie and so much more. Now, maybe your thinking how old is this girl? I was only born in 86. My Mom has always called me an Old Soul, and you know what? She’s right.

But after all that, these day’s are spent less on TV. Life devours most all moments during the day, but I still find fun in creating a character for the day. Wherever the wind blows my mood I go with that. I’ve been gravitating toward Indian American Inspired items lately. Maybe it’s my Great Grandmother in me who had an extreme fascination with the culture I have to thank, but for now I’m certainly enjoying it.

I’m taking a moment to relax before I bake my little heart out today for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Except I’ll be sporting my oh so attractive granny robe with roses on it. I always ask the hubs to dump the juice pulp in our compost every morning for me because I tell him ” I don’t want to show off all my awesome granny attire for the neighbors every morning. I mean, they might get jealous.

Much love In Him<3 Marian

Please read if your offended by the bob cat in the back round. No we didn’t kill it! We live in the country and a friend found it dead on the side of the road and hated to see such beauty go to waste. We’ve always joked that we will stuff our Dogs one day. Partly joking and kind of wish we could, because we love them so much! I see it as the same way, we love bob and appreciate the life he had and are sad for whoever hit him:( So please don’t send hate mail.
  1. jessgobananas said:

    Awesome photos! I actually didn’t notice the bobcat! My mom always calls me an old soul too! Us oldies have to stick together! 🙂

    • Yes us oldies do need to stick together!! <3<3<3 It took me awhile to except this part about me, but now I love it!

    • Yay for I dream of Jeannie! See, you know what a good shows all about. hehe
      And yes this outfit is super comfy. I went shopping all day for Thanksgiving stuff and didn’t even have sore feet. Isn’t that nice?:)

  2. hey love. Dying for your red pants. you look fabulous. And obviously…. I love your hair.haha. thanks for the comment, love. you’re too sweet. xo

    • Hey Anna! Thanks girl!
      I wish I had got those pants in more colors at the time and now I can’t even remember where I got them. That’s just how it goes<3

    • Thank you Liz!! Yes, I Think we all need a pair of red jeans. We should start a Red jeans club<3

    • Liz, maybe I’m dumb but your blog won’t let me comment on it:( Save me!

  3. I don’t know this show !!
    I love the red pants, and..your hair!

    • hehe I dream of Jeannie was a fun one to watch, but I think if you watched it now it might seem kind of meh. but I loved it as a kid! 🙂

    • Thanks Jacqueline. It’s super comfy too, a must:)

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