Easy Peasy Hair

Hi Friends! Just a quick little photo tutorial on Taylor swift hair.

What you will need

*3/4 barrel curling iron

*Dirty hair

*Cute head band ❤





IMG_1030.jpg IMG_1038.jpg IMG_1028.JPG

Converse are a must:)



I just love Fall here on the Central coast! The weather is seriously perfect! So great for pants and a tank with some cute shoes. I love it!

Have a blessed hump day.


  1. Man I wish I was good with hair. Give me a hairbrush and a blowdryer and I might set something on fire. I’ll try not to.

    Thank you for making hair accesible! Heaven knows I need it. 😉

    • Kelly! I’m sure you could do this! it’s so simple:) You could even let your hair air dry and then do this.

  2. Kim @ Eat, Live, and Blog said:

    Love the hair tutorial. Super cute. 🙂

    • Thanks girl!
      I just wanted to make it easy. There’s too many other hard things to do in life!:()

  3. Kara said:

    I love it!! Your hair is gorgeous, and I love that headband! Supaaa cute!

  4. Girl, your “dirty hair” pic is what I wish I could get my hair to look like!! Haha. So creeper alert! Where on the Central Coast are you? I grew up in Los Olivos 🙂 If you don’t want to post, email me at readsrecipesruns@gmail.com and we can gush about how awesome Santan Barbara is 🙂

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