Before the season is over


You can say that again! These were very yummo! Chocolate cookies filled with pumpkin pie. I can thank Katie For this awesome recipe! If you want to make these head on over to her Blog

before pumpkin season is over. Wait, what am I saying, I’m pretty sure you can get pumpkin all year round? But, you need to make these. Their firm on the outside and soft on the inside. Chocolate shell over pumpkin fluff. Yum……….



I really just LOVE vegan baking! In fact, I made another recipe of Katie’s for my family on Sunday night and they of course LOVEd it! I’ll post that sometime since Josh will be requesting that dessert again:)

I LOVE dessert in some form every day. Even though I wouldn’t call myself a sweets person, it’s nice to have a little something sweet everyday! My old self would have NEVER indulged in sweets unless is was a “cheat day” and that never turned out good. What works for one may not for the other, but breaking free from restrictions helped me leap over to the other side of normal eating instead of binge/ starve.

Have any of you forbid food only to find out you just went bonkers on it when given the chance to eat it?

  1. Awwww!! I love this post so much! Your cookies are so cute… they kinda look like chocolate mushroom huts! Or maybe I just played too much Super Mario when I was little :).

    • hah! Katie I didn’t intend for them to look like that but once I started taking the photos I thought the same thing! I just decided to keep them like that in their mushroom cuteness:)

  2. chocolate filled with pumpkin.. oh yum! what a heavenly fall/winter recipe. i have been eating so much pumpkin in all variations that i am surprised i havent turned orange yet.

    • hehe just add some carrot to your pumpkin mix and you will be orange in no time;)

  3. Those do look SO good!

    And I can never forbid any food from myself. It’s a sure fire way to get me overeating.

  4. Kara said:

    Mmmm! These look delish! Just found your blog..I love!! Can’t wait to keep reading!

    • Oh Kara your too sweet!! Yes those cookies are so yummy and feel so right during this time of year. hehe
      Keep in touch!
      Hugs!!! ❤

  5. jessgobananas said:

    I try not to restrict myself anymore from anything otherwise I just go crazy like you said and eat the whole jar/bag!

  6. If I say no to a food, I’ll end up eating 100 of something else. Those are the most adorable smurf house cookies I’ve ever seen!

    • Amen sister! I hear ya on that one.
      and aren’t they just so cute?! Their even tastier then they look:)

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