Buh Bye Santa Barbara, Hello LA

What a CRAZZZZYY Saturday we had! It all started out with us selling our trusty little 99 Lexus that we got for me to commute to and from hair school. Well, she’s out of our life and Josh found a pick up truck down in LA. here’s our little adventure in pictures.

IMG_6800.jpg IMG_6801.jpg

Buh Bye Santa Barbara…… Couldn’t drive with out stopping by Blenders in the Grass for a Date Shake! Yummo!

BIMG_6802.JPG IMG_6803.JPG

IMG_6804.JPG IMG_6805.JPG IMG_6806.JPG IMG_6807.jpg IMG_6808.JPG IMG_6809.JPG IMG_6810.JPG IMG_6811.JPG IMG_6812.JPG IMG_6813.JPG

Buh Bye S.B. Hello LA!

IMG_6814.JPG IMG_6815.JPG IMG_6816.JPG IMG_6817.jpg

We went all over! Stopped by got the truck! woo hoo! Actually made the little drive worth it! Went to Down Town LA to visit some very close friends of ours! Their down town loft was to die for:)

IMG_6818.jpg IMG_6819.jpg

Ate Lunch at alcove cafe It’s an absolute must if your in LA:)

Then it was onto the Griffith Observatory!

IMG_6820.jpg IMG_6821.JPG IMG_6822.JPG IMG_6823.jpg

Ah Love!
IMG_6825.JPG IMG_6826.JPG IMG_6828.jpg IMG_6829.jpg IMG_6830.JPG IMG_6831.JPG IMG_6832.JPG IMG_6833.JPG IMG_6834.jpg IMG_6835.JPG IMG_6836.jpg IMG_6837.JPG IMG_6838.JPG

and back home………. Nighty night!

xoxox Mairan

    • Thanks Janae! You guys just need to move here:) Oh wait, Utah is pretty stinken awesome too though!

    • lindsay said:

      i agree! great looking couple! how did you survive LA traffic? thats tough. haha.

      • Thanks Lindsay! Haha yes, how does anyone survive LA traffic?! I’m more used to it since I grew up down there, but It’s still never a relaxing drive that’s for sure!

    • I grew up in Southern california and moved to the central coast when my husband and I got married 5 years ago and well, it’s been an adjustment living here, but it’s starting to feel a little more like home. It’s only taken 5 years!

  1. These pictures make me jealous! I went on a vacation to LA & I LOVE California! I need to plan another trip out there soon!

    • Yes you should come back! and then we could have a blogger meet up! Wishful thinking I know:)

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