Part One. Great books for having a healthy relationship with food.

Me on our cruise in the Mexican Rivera. Cool Helmet I know.

Here are some books that seriously helped me climb to the top in getting my mind and body where it needed to be to have a healthy relationship with food.

I think the day that we live in we all have some sort of issue with food.  So here’s what helped me have a normal relationship.

Intuitive eating
was probably the BIGGEST help of them all. Maybe a lot of you know of this book, but maybe there’s someone out there struggling who hasn’t heard of it. I really recommend looking this up on Amazon. Pretty sure you won’t regret it.

Amazing Asset

Breaking Free From Emotional Eating.
Another great book! I read this one after intuitive eating and Geneen really puts you at ease, her words are like a soft warm blanket warming your soul.

Women Food And God

I put this one on here because I figured I would get asked if I had read this one since I had read Geneen’s other book and liked it. but this one I just didn’t like at all.. Too Zeny for me.


Naturally Thin

This one was actually the first book I read before intuitive eating and it helped me dip my toes into the realm of non restrictive eating. Looking back on it now I think it has a little too many rules for people struggling but at the same time it was a good start for me because I still liked that it had some rules because rules made me feel comfortable? and then I was able to go a little deeper with intuitive eating after this book and feel safe to take the next step to intuitive eating. So all in all this book actually worked with getting my feet wet.


I will do a part 2 ” to great books for having a healthy relationship with food.  I have some very recommended Natalia Rose books that I LOVED! but for now this should be plenty! 

God Bless! Have a beautiful Thursday!

    • Hi Kirstie! Thanks girl!:) Your comment made my day! Yes Naturally thin is a funny read as well. Bethenny is a riot!

  1. Hey girl! These are great! I’ve read Naturally Thin (and really loved it), but I keep coming accross the Intuitive Eating one… I need to pick up a copy 🙂

    • Oh yes Intuitive eating was life changing ( for me at least) I would probably recommend it to everyone!

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