Life has been busy! We’ve been spending time in orange county visiting family and attending weddings and birthday parties and we are headed back down again! All this running around must be wearing on me because I have a COLD! Gurrrrr…………. When I ate such a clean diet I NEVER got sick!! Now that My pregnancy nausea finally went completely away at the rightful 6 month mark I can finally start transitioning into my old diet. Although I can’t shock my system back into the way I used to eat over night because it was far too clean. Im taking it slowly, but when you don’t eat as healthy your body lets you know. I went from never getting sick to having two horrible colds in the last TWO Months:( I know, my immune system is lower because of pregnancy, but all the more reason to pump up my veggie and green juice intake now that I don’t want to hurl every minute of the day.

Here is some farmers market loot. I had put most of the veggies away for juicing before the photo. Nothing like eating local.


I’ve also been making smoothies out of EVERYTHING! Again, the thought of a smoothie wanted to make me hurl for so long that it’s nice to have them back in my life. I can pack so many nutrients in each blend.


Not to mention it’s just wrong to have a cold when our weather has been so nice!

Here’s a shot of me enjoying our beach!


and a shot from the wedding this last weekend. Me with my oldest brothers.


I leave you with a joke from my friends son.

“what do you call a snail that’s on a ship? A snailor.”

Love kids! Can’t wait to have my own soon!!


Hey everyone! Happy Sunday evening to you! I love Sundays but get a little sad that the weekend is coming to an end:( It’s pathetic since I only work part time, but I guess I like having the days off with Josh. Anyway, Josh stopped by the grocery store on his way home on Friday and got some gluten free chocolate chip cookies. I’m not one to ever indulge, I don’t say that to sound perfect, but I just get sick from treats so it’s rare.

So, Josh cooked them in the oven and they were great! I always think about that book “if you give a mouse a cookie” When I eat cookies. I know so strange.

Side glass of almond milk is a must;)

gluten free cookie.jpeg

Josh tweaked his back surfing on Friday (poor guy) but the weather has truly been incredible in California. I mean, we are pretty spoiled year round, but it has been great! So we were back at the beach Saturday to hang and say hi to everyone.

jalama beach 9:29:12.jpeg

jalama 9:29:12.jpeg


6 Months!! Eep! It’s flying!!



I went to the baby Doctor on Friday and our little boy is growing right on track! She said, I looked great and she could find his heart beat so fast with the doppler because I’m still so thin. She wasn’t concerned about my thinness. The little beebs and I are healthy:) His heart rate was so fast and tons of movement. I may be in for a non stop wild child! Say a prayer!

Fun Facts:

6 months pregnant

Total weight gain: 10 pounds

Food Cravings: Fruit! Grapes, Apples and Pears

Food Aversions: Anything Sauteed! Blech!

Exercise: Lots of walking and weights this last week

Mood: Generally happy, I haven’t been too emotional this pregnancy. ( I’m so glad for Josh’s sake)

I can’t think of anything else. You can always ask if your curious about something:)

Have a great sunday evening! Rest up for Monday!

Nighty Night


Hello! how is everyone’s Thursday going? I have the day off today after a crazy wednesday! I was on my feet for 10 hours at work and started to get a shooting knife pain in my left leg, with what seems to be a bulging vein? Another pregnancy gem I suppose. I go in for my 6 month Doctor appt on Friday and will ask about that then, plus update you on the baby, food and weight gain:)

I got a great little surprise in the mail from a dear friend who lives in LA and we’ve stayed close ever since we met at summer camp at the ripe old age’s of 14 and 15. She knows me so well. Hand made earrings and a hand made shell ring! Love it and Love her!! Thank you Mercedes!!!<3<3<3


PUMPKIN SMOOTHIE: Now onto the best part of this post!!! I’ve been craving pumpkin for the last 3 weeks. I’m one of “THOSE” people. I’m obsessed with all things pumpkin, but never get pumpkin while out because It’s got so many sweeteners in it! I loosely followed This Pumpkin Smoothie Recipe for inspiration because as you all know I can’t follow recipes. I always seem to make changes. I’ve pretty much perfected this Pumpkin smoothie now 4 days in a row and going strong!

pumpkin smoothie.jpeg


1/2 A Banana

1 Cup Pumpkin Puree

1/4 Cup almond milk

1/2 Water

1/2 tsp Vanilla extract

1/4 tsp cinnamon

Pinch of salt

Stevia to taste for sweetness

1/4 tsp Guar Gum

14 Ice cubes


Blend everything in vitamix except for ice cubes. Once everything is nicely blended add in ice last. You may need more liquid if you don’t have a high powered blender. Enjoy!!

I’m off to hike with a friend!! Happy Almost weekend people!

QUESTION: Anyone else craving pumpkin yet?

You know my answer:)

Hi all!

Today was so busy! I somehow managed to sleep in until 8Am this morning! I tell ya, this pregnancy stuff really makes you a different person. I never cared for sleep. Even in High School! I often would sleep at friends houses and leave in the morning from total boredom of waiting around for them to wake up. I always said I’ll sleep when I die. Well, now I LOVE it!

JUICE: Just oranges! The hubs juiced for me. Sometimes I’m kinda crazy anal about getting a bunch of veggies in my juice but every now and then straight up orange juice is so good. Extra vitamin C for sure!


EXERCISE: I headed out the door at 9:30 to meet up with 3 other Mom friends of mine to Hike around one of our many Missions here on the Central Coast of Cali. The weather has been perfect here. Cool in the morning and night and warm during the day. Fall is the BEST time of year here! I didn’t get home until close to 12Pm made a quick green smoothie and rushed out the door to high light a friends hair. hung out with her and her little girl for the afternoon and went grocery shopping. I go through phases where I like it then loath it. Right now I loath it!

I was hangry! hot (I think it’s this little baby making me hot these days) and my cart kept wanting to veer to the left, I practically had to jog pushing my cart to the right to get it to just go straight. Dramatic aren’t I?

Once done shopping and eating 4 pickles on the way home I started dinner. Streamed veggies, brown rice, tofu and artichoke were on the menu. IT was AMAZING!!!

I wanted an easy tofu recipe to follow and new just the place to find it!

At say what you need to say blog

Lauren always has yummy recipes. I only followed the tofu recipe but revised it a bit.



TOFU: Pressed the water out of the firm tofu

-marinated it with apple cider vinegar, salt and Mediterranean hummus from Trader Joe’s.

-broiled it in the oven for 5 minutes then turn it over and broiled the other side for another 5 minutes, put tofu in a skillet and sautéed it a bit with earth balance to seal the deal! IT was excellent!


QUESTION: Do you like to grocery shop or does it make you want to procrastinate with anything you can to avoid it?

Are you excited?! You should be, because for one I’m back from Vacation with my Mom, (insert sarcasm) and two I’m giving you a recipe for fruit leathers. To call it a recipe is kinda silly. It’s so easy!





-Wash and rinse fruit of choice

-Place fruit in a high powered blender ( I use the beloved VITAMIX)

-Add a pinch of salt

-Optional agave, honey, or stevia to taste. (it may be sweet enough on it’s own, you will have to taste it to see

I used stevia since I’m not a fan of sugar unless it’s from a fruit. I know, sue me, but it’s how I roll.

– Pour fruit blend onto dehydrator trays.

-Make sure you don’t spread it too thin! I did one time and it turned out like seaweed or rice paper, not very leathery. More like crispy crackers. Not good.

Dehydrate at 105 for 12 hours. Enjoy!

If you don’t have a dehydrator you could look up how long and what temp to make the fruit leathers in your oven.

I will give you a recap of our San Fran trip soon! Oh and Joshua says my tummy is really starting to look like it’s pregnant! yay! finally! almost 6 months!

Anyone ever made fruit leathers before?

I seem to be craving anything fruit this pregnancy!

Hi all! Thursday was a great day! I had the day off, slept in and woke up to get some much needed cleaning done around the house, and juice! This was my winning combo for the morning:) Whole head of romaine, 1 apple and carrots.


I felt so good about getting all my chores done before my Mom gets here! My Momma is coming tomorrow and we are going to be in the bay area for 5 days going to her High School Reunion and visiting family. I can’t wait! I’ll take lots of photos but blogging won’t happen until I get back. I’m not lugging my laptop on this trip. It’s solely for Momma and daughter time! Eep I can’t wait!

Once all my chores were done, I headed out the door ready for a hike with a good friend of mine. She’s an herbalist and a wealth of information. I LOVE hanging out with her. She got me some nettle tea fro pregnancy:)

Hey, Hey, 5 1/2 months pregnant!

We hiked a good hike. I was gone for almost 4 hours. I came back with tired legs and really awesome sunburn tan lines.

LUNCH: I instagrammed this baby! Green coconut smoothie. Mango (Although I wanted pineapple but Josh finished the pineapple) coconut milk, coconut shreds and spinach.


DINNER: Salad with avo, goats cheese, veggie chili, roasted broccoli, fresh tomato & corn. Delish!

I just finished packing for my get away with my Mom and practicing worship for college group bible study tomorrow night and I can’t wait for my Mom to get here tomorrow! I’m going to hang with Joshua now since I won’t see him for 5 days. I’m kinda obsessed with the guy!

Hi, Hi! Wednesday was crazy! Same as today! I have no complaints. Life is good:) My only complaint would be that I have been using my little point and shoot to tote around with me instead of my DSLR and I’ve become quite the camera snob. I can’t stand these photos. I just need to get over it! Or lug around my DSLR camera everywhere. hah!

FOOD PREP: So, I always prep plenty of food for me when I have a long work day. Yesterday was one of them! I not only work for a Doctor taking care of people’s skin, but I also work for an all natural skin care company that’s amazing! No chemicals:) Okay back to food prep. I made a green smoothie for snack/breakfast, LaraBar for snack, half a turkey sandwich with watermelon for lunch and carrots with peanut for snack.


Got off work and started to work on this little beauty…

DINNER: I made a big bowl of greens underneath everything I promise! Topped it with cooked broccoli, fresh tomato from the farmer’s market, goats cheese crumbles, baked potato slices, with some ketchup and vegenaise. Josh wanted burgers so this was kinda my way of making a burger-ish salad. I swear that glop of vegenaise was not as big as it appears. It was so good!


I quickly scarfed down my food and ran off to church with guitar in hand to do worship, got home late hit the hay for oh you know 10 hours! I guess I was tired.

QUESTION: I have been more of a 3 meals kinda gal but since pregnant it’s more like 5-6 mini meals. I can’t quite seem to find the perfect 3PM snack yet. Either the snack leaves me starving until dinner or a little too filling for full hunger to hit for dinner. Hmmm anyone have any good suggestions? Alright, I’m off to hang out with Joshua!

Nighty night


Hi there! Today has been busy with little things. I seem to be tied up with little things lately. I think that’s how it’s going to be until this baby comes. I’m just trying to get everything done!

I woke up this morning a little later then usual because I stayed up until midnight watching Run Away Bride on netflix while waiting for Josh to get off work. He normally doesn’t work late but sometimes they have to.

I couldn’t wait to get into the kitchen and try our NEW BREVILLE JUICER!!!! A couple from our church totally blessed us with this thing! They won’t let us tell anyone that is was them because they are FAR too modest!

This thing is amazing! It gets so much more juice then our Jacklalane. Did I mention the clean up was easy? I also was tickled when I saw Kris Carr from Crazy Sexy Diet instagramming her juice with her Breville in the back round:)

Today’s juice was celery, carrot, romaine and orange. Delish! So happy to like juicing again. The first 4 months of pregnancy I could not look at juice.


I did my devotions, cleaned the house, practiced guitar and printed out the song sheets for worship tomorrow night, cut up our huge watermelon and decided to snack on some fruit and chocolate. I did a bunch of chores around the house before I had to go into work for a couple clients. I work for a Doctor taking care of people’s skin doing microdermabrasions and chemical peels. Today is also my rest day from working out.


I quickly rushed home to make Joshua dinner and got my self ready to go to dinner with a couple of other pregnant Mommy’s! It was such a great time! I got so much info from it! I want to have a natural birth and I just got my Bradley Way Birth book! I’ve been reading and highlighting and making index cards for Josh since he will be my birth coach. I wanted to take the classes but they are 12 weeks long and the next session doesn’t start until mid november, too close to my due date to finish. Oh well. anyway, Dinner and the company was great. I’m pretty sure I used the potty 3 times! The only down side was $15 for a salad. Oh well, you can’t have everything!

I just got home and I’m getting ready to kick up my feet and drink some Rasberry leaf tea. It’s good for pregnancy:)

I have to get to bed early so I can get up to exercise before work.

IMG_0027.JPG IMG_0022.JPG

I’ve been feeling pretty good work wise but I’ll be done working in 31/2 months to be a stay at home Mommy. It’s so bitter sweet, but I’m SO excited to be a Mom! I’ve always wanted to be a Mom and can’t believe it’s really happening. I will say I’m struggling even with working less hours right now because I’m so programmed to put in as much work effort as Joshua and I still work hard part time for now and taking care of all the home tasks of cooking cleaning grocery shopping laundry toilets Ext… but somehow feel like I’m not putting in enough because I’m not working at a job job full time. I know over time this feeling will change and I will be plenty busy with baby but it’s all big changes around here.

QUESTION: anyone else out there a stay at home Mommy or Wife? Or maybe going to be one soon? How was/is the transition?

photo (1).jpeg

Hello out there! I always said I wouldn’t be the blogger who said sorry if I hadn’t blogged in a while, but sorry!

Since becoming pregnant over 5 months ago, it’s been a HUGE life changer. Starting with, morning sickness. Not sure why it’s called morning sickness because truly it’s all day sickness! At least in my case it was! The morning sickness started to finally wear off around 18 weeks. Praise Jesus! I wasn’t in much of a blogging mood when I wanted to lose my cookies all the time if you know what I mean. I hope to blog more regularly about my daily life, and be a lot more honest.

HONEST ALERT: I started this little blog over a year ago to keep myself occupied with my time and thoughts. These last two years have been challenging. The million dollar question I get after I tell people I’m pregnant. ” Were you guys trying?” The answer to that YES! We tried for quite some time and it just wasn’t happening. I would spend the start of most periods crying, but Joshua was so patient with me reminding me in God’s timing it will happen and it did! I will go into full detail in another post, but I wanted to say sorry to any readers out there( if there’s any left) that I wasn’t more open and honest in my blog. I started the blog to keep myself distracted from not being able to get pregnant. I grew a lot as a person, started to get into some fun crafty things and take on new hobbies. For starters. I learned to crochet, sew, blog, photography, health, play guitar and now do worship for our church regularly. I also learned to draw! It was fun to find things to keep myself occupied and I’m so grateful for that!

FOOD: I also am SOOOOO beyond passionate about health and exercise but never got the chance to translate that onto my blog because when I started this little gem I also started a detox to see if I could help my little body along to be a good garden for pregnancy, and let’s be honest, blogging your eats when you are detoxing are well, BORING! so I can’t wait to share more of my eats either!

CURRENTLY: Josh, myself and baby are doing great! I’m 21 weeks to date and the nausea if finally gone and my appetite is SLOWLY going back to normal.

FOOD CRAVINGS: None really to date. I just like cold things and lots of citrus and fruit. I’ve also been eating turkey sandwiches like it’s my job! PS pickles taste a thousand time’s better pregnant;)

FOOD AVERSIONS: salami, eggs (although if someone else cooks the eggs I can tolerate them now) and anything overly sweet.

EXERCISE: I’m a huge exercise fanatic but haven’t exercised much the last year because I thought it was sabotaging my efforts to get pregnant. Silly me, that wasn’t the case. After the first 2 months I slowly added exercise back in and now exercise 6-7 days a week. I always make sure if feels right for my body and if something doesn’t feel right I do a different exercise. I’ve been doing a lot of Tracy Anderson videos, Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred, walking and weight lifting. It feels amazing to work out again

BABY BODY: The bump is growing. I feel overjoyed to be pregnant but sometimes struggle with my changing body. Josh always reminds me I’m beautiful and I quickly snap out of my body worry!

WEIGHT GAIN: i don’t weight myself, only at the Dr.s. At 4 months I put on 3 pounds. Not much, but I believe that’s from so much all day sickness. When I go back at the end of the month ill be almost 6 months and my guess would be I’ve put on a good 12-15 pounds. We will see and I’ll let you know:)

21 weeks.jpeg

HERE’S 21 week bump

download.jpeg  download (1).jpeg download (2).jpeg download (3).jpeg

If you can’t tell from the photos we are having a BOY! So excited! Friends are already buying him adorable outfits. I crocheted that owl beanie for our little love bug when he gets here in Jan 2013.

I think I’ve rattled long enough!

I’m so excited to share more of my daily life and be a lot more transparent. Body, Baby, Family, Eats and all!

Much love Marian<3

So the big news! before we get to it! My computer is having some MAGOR technical issues, so my posting schedule got thrown off! Sorry and hopefully we can get our little mac all fixed up:) Much love! Now ENJOY!

Some may have guessed some may not have. I did have to change my lingo a bit so you all wouldn’t catch on

Scroll down to find out!



What could it be?

IMG_5185.jpg IMG_5209.jpg

IMG_5202.jpg IMG_5192.jpg

Pregnant!!!!! We are over the moon with joy and excitement!

We feel so incredibly blessed and humbled to be able to be parents to some precious baby boy or girl this coming January.

We are 3 months along and are looking forward to each new day ahead!

It has been a journey, which I plan to share details but for now we are in a state of pure JOY JOY JOY!!!!!!!

Much Love Marian, Josh and Baby

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